20 New Relatable Comics About Mental Health By ‘Dinos And Comics’

Dinos And Comics is a funny and revocating webcomic about dinosaurs that deal with various mental health issues, started by Finnish writer James and a Canadian artist who just goes with K. And if you wonder why the creators chose to show dinosaurs, in a recent interview with Bored Panda they said this was just because they look nice. The artists say that getting used to living with mental health issues is a very common experience. “You have a hard time before you find out, and then when you are found, you will (hopefully) get the support you need to make it a little easier, but it’s always as part of your life, ”said James and K .: And now it’s proven, you think about it more, try to understand and reason. They say that the dinosaurs in their comics are mainly aimed at their friends and loved ones because while drugs can be helpful, it is the support from those around you that help you to large.


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#1 I can’t tell you how much your comics resonate with me, I love your work very much ❤️

#2 I mean, dreams are adventures


#3 That’s why I’m procrastinating

#4 I like that this page isn’t overly positive or negative

#5 This truth hurts my brain.


#6 Self-care is important. We can’t wait for society to change. We need to take care of ourselves and our mental health 

#7 15 hours in bed, 0 sleep

#8 so beautiful and true and beautiful and true. so true. and so beautiful.


#9 break


#11 I realized these are 2 pride flags


#12 tortoise and dino













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