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HERMAN, a hilarious and groundbreaking cartoon published in hundreds of newspapers around the world, continues despite the sad death of creator Jim Unger. Unger, who died in June 2012, left behind a legacy of over 8k HERMAN comics and a large number of fans who are still evolving today. To laugh, Unger handed a comedy baton to cartoonist David Weisglass and illustrator Raleigh Wood. Weissgrass has been working closely with Unger in Harman since 1997 when he stopped working on his own syndicated comic strip, FARCUS®, to help manage his mentor and Harman.


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#1 He’s figuring they will go by the numbers of units moved but will overlook the number of sales recorded. Fat chance.

#2 One grape can mean the difference between a million-dollar painting and a ten-dollar painting. Mildew ruined his painting.


#3 And, just to be doubly sure, he put a wine label on a bottle of vinegar.

#4 It’ll ride up with wear

#5 It can be tough catching those free-range chicken eggs.


#6 I have come to the conclusion that people who believe the world is flat come from either western Texas or eastern New Mexico. I’ve been there. You can see the grain elevators in towns 100 miles away.




















Unger’s ridiculous humor and unique illustration style have become an industry, with millions of HERMAN book collections for sale in more than 25 countries. Born in London, Unger moved from work to work, including soldiers, police officers, clerks, and repos, before realizing his incredible comedy and drawing talent. In 2010, Wood joined the team to help create a new Sunday band with Weissgrass and Anger. Unger told his friends and family that he had never met anyone who could draw HERMAN,

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