30 Adorable And Hilarious Cats Comics By “Scott Metzger” Will Help To Make Your Day Better

No matter how much time we spend with funny cats, they still sometimes remain a real mystery to us, humans. To explain what life is like with these furry creatures, Scott Metzger has been drawing animal cartoons since 1996. His one-paneled images, based on the very essence of feline ownership, and their humorous nature might just explain to you some of the “feline logic” that seems impossible to understand in the first place. Scott is a proud owner of adorable cats who often feeds him with drawing ideas. “My two felines are Hannah 13 years 0ld and Max 7 years 0ld. Both cats are rescuers, he told The Bored Panda. Hannah is part Siamese, part chintz. She is sweet and friendly, but she clearly prefers my wife and 10-year-old daughter. Max is a tuxedo and he loves people – he loves everyone. He will sit in any free seat. ” knees ”


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#1 Hilarious!

#2 He sniffed way too much


The artist said that he has been making these funny cartoons for 22 years, mainly because he likes to make people laugh. “It’s a great feeling when a comic contacts people or someone says they were laughing out loud at a stupid cartoon,” he added. “A couple of weeks ago, a woman emailed her that she was fighting depression and my animal comics made her laugh and feel better. This made my day.

#4 A very big moment

#5 My cat can open doors and she does the same thing. The door is open and Kitty just looks at the world


#6 At least they answered the phone.

#7 Clyde and Clarence are good coworkers

#8 Be especially ruthless with toes under the covers


#9 Happy Easter!














#20 Seriously. Move




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