30 Comics About Funny Situations And Fails By Artist MadeByTio

Comic artist MadeByTio is a very effective storyteller. They only need 4 panels to express an idea. However, the simplicity of this format does not mean that situations are also simple. Its content is a healthy mixture of the ordinary and the unusual. One comic might be about our spoiled poses, and the next one depicts sentient lobsters boiling people for dinner. In any case, they are straightforward, on the verge of insult, and most importantly, funny. MadeByTio knows how to satisfy the ignorance of our world and is constantly coming up with new and unexpected ways to do it.


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Thanks to my older brothers, who are much more talented than me, I have been drawing and sketching my whole life. webcomic artists [whose work will appear on the platform] After trying webcomics, MadeByTio knew immediately that they loved it. I loved and still love the idea that with four small panels you can express so much that you can make people think about different topics or just bring smiles on their faces, the artist explained. I bought the cheapest graphics tablet and started painting.










Former roommate MadeByTio and they happily came up with new comic ideas, no matter how “silly” they seem. I once created a Facebook page and Instagram account and started posting my comics to them. This was the beginning, Pretty soon, MadeByTio launched one of its most popular miniseries, How Your Brain Works. It debuted in 2019. To be honest, many of these situations happened to me personally. That is why I drew the first comic How Your Brain Works. The one with the coffee is very painful.
























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