30 Funny Comics By ToonHole Chris That People With A Dark Sense Of Humor Will Appreciate

Most of us love art and unexpected twists. Combine the two together and get fun and amazing ToonHole Chris comics. We’ve put together some of his best recent works with endings we haven’t seen at all. So scroll down, rate your faves positively, and let us know in the comments you liked the most and why dear Pandas. And if you’re still hungry for a few more comics, check out our previous posts on Chris comics here and other ToonHole cartoons here. The real name of ToonHole Chris is Chris Allison and he has been making comics silently for 10 years! He told Bored Panda that the inspiration for the comic is like magic:It can be from anywhere. A conversation, a book, an unheard conversation, a misunderstood word or seeing someone lift up the sidewalk. There are no rules! Scroll down to see the rest of the interview with Chris.


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Some of my comics are digital and some are drawn using analog materials (ink, watercolor, colored pencil), but I would say that on average it takes about 3 hours from drawing a sketch to a finished comic, Chris said how long it takes every comic. do it from start to finish. The artist told Bored Panda that some of his oldest memories are of drawing for other kids at school. “I’ve always wanted to do art. My advice to anyone who wants to create comics to make people laugh is simple: do it. There is no shortcut or secret path to learning how to create comics other than how to create comics. Do good drawings, do bad drawings, do whatever you can.







According to Chris, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the Los Angeles community around him. The artist said that his daily life is centered around him.



























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