30 Funny Comics Will Help To Make Your Day Better And Make it More Beautiful

Dave Coverly admits that there is no such thing as a very important subject, a little little philosophy that gives a detailed description of what Speed ​​Bump is. “Basically,” he says, “if life was like a movie, the results would be like this.” Created by renowned comic artist “speedbumpcomic” on Instagram, commonly known as “speedbumpcomic” Cartoons are sad, mean, ironic, but funny .speedbumpcomiccomics have some fun themes. Especially those who need to be distinguished make fun of the groups and themselves. There is already a lot of hatred in this world. The artist has an Instagram Create account and keeps your fans up to date with new funny cartoons. The effort of the year finally paid off with the acquisition of 3,000 Instagram followers. The number is still being counted.


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#1 If you build it, they will come.

#2 Reminds me of the twins in Everybody loves Raymond Playing basketball.


#3 This is the floor – No! Wait! This is the ceiling! No! Wait! This is the floor again!

#4 Running to terms with himself

#5 You can always take them home and wash the starch, but then they can not be returned


#6 I guess that he won’t be able to Bob for a while.

#7 He should be staring into a pool of water.

#8 Time for a Change.


#9 Quick, Head East! Save my life, I’m going down for the last time! Never Been Any Reason

#10 Drew, your twin brother.

#11 It’s kind of like the environmentalists that drive their Suburbans to the event.


#12 That’s a Chow that knows how to chow.

#13 That is actually a legit question. Money raised and loaned locally is better for the community (albeit riskier for the bank)

#14 Camel car: Modified version of the cattle car.


#15 Make mine lemon meringue.


















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