30 Hilarious Comics Will Help To Make Your Day Better…. (30 NEW COMICS)

moderate confusion provides a calm and fun perspective on daily life, technology and politics. We all know that humor is no worse than old! So we decided to collect 22 funny comic data and some growing funny videos that are close to home but not finished yet! People of all ages and cultures respond to humor. Most people can have a sense of humor – be it funny, laugh, or laugh at something funny (like a joke or a joke) – so they are considered to have a sense of humor. A hypothetical person who is not sensitive to humor may find the behavior that prompts them to be uncomfortable, bizarre, or even unattractive.


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#2 She wants us to call her Norma Raye now too.


Most prices have changed and some come with a shock. An average local diner menu listed a hamburger for $10. Thought we might enjoy a real burger and fixings after the long isolation. Then found it was just the patty (small) and the bun. The garnish was extra. Guess fries would need a loan agreement. Lots of adjustments in 18 months.

The introvert’s new dilemma. The mask will never be enough separation.
































#29 When all you get is one-sided all the time, and the other side keeps getting shut down, it’s really hard to believe any of it.


Sad but true. Awake or asleep, the 4 walls and the news stay the same. But spring is only a few weeks away. The flower beds hold their eternal hope of new color. Birds still clamor at the feeders when it snows. An occasional rough shinned hawk finds crawly critters for sustenance. Squirrels still race and chase. And sunlight through the windows warms the soul. No matter the soul-deadening isolation from family, Nature still offers hugs. T’was ever thus. Pray it continues.

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