A deaf dog tries to bark, repeating after other dogs

The owner of the deaf dog shared a touching video that will touch you to the core. The dog, which had never in its life heard the barking of its relatives, learned to repeat after them. True, the barking is soundless, but it looks very similar!


Lindsay Kelly posted on Tiktok a touching video of her deaf dog, who has never heard a dog barking in her life. The tailed pet also learned to wiggle its muzzle and open its mouth, imitating barking.
“She has seen other dogs do it, but she doesn’t know she should make noise,” Lindsay said.

In the comments, the owner of the dog said that her pet is a very sociable and sweet girl. Deafness does not prevent her from living at all!
Commentators noted that the dog is beautiful no matter what, and deserves the greatest love.


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