Firefighters and medics rescued a horse from a pond

Residents of Winchendon (Massachusetts, USA) noticed a horse that fell into a pond. In order to save the poor animal, it took firefighters, doctors, rescuers and an hour of time.



Residents of a small American town noticed that the horse fell into the pond. People called for help from firefighters, animal control officers and even doctors. To save the animal, it was necessary to cut a path in the ice, along which the horse was taken out of the pond.
The locals and everyone who saw the rescue tape were surprised at the horse’s calmness. Everything is explained by the fact that this horse used to serve in the police, and now has retired.

The mischievous woman ran away from her master early in the morning and fell through the ice, trying to cross the pond. Now the owner of the horse will better look after his pet, which, as it turns out, is very smart!

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