An orphaned squirrel from Murmansk adores its rescuers

People often have exotic animals. However, sometimes it comes out spontaneously. So it happened with a couple from Murmansk who got a furry friend.


A squirrel appeared in their family in 2018. The baby was left without a mother, perhaps the predators dealt with her. The kid would not have survived alone, so the people who found him took him to them.

It was the guys from Murmansk that became the new parents of the squirrel.

In the account, they publish the everyday life of a squirrel. Subscribers watch with interest the tricks of the mushroom.
Richard Belkin has his own place to play: he runs freely around the apartment, but the owners have arranged for him a fascinating territory

A domestic cat named Masha is almost used to the fact that a rodent has been living at home for 2 years, but she is still surprised.

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