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Pixie and Brutus is one of those webcomics that bring a smile to people no matter what kind of day they have had. The man who draws them, Ben Hed, already has 2.4 million followers on Instagram, and these two charming little animals are one of the reasons.


However, Ben feels no extra pressure now that he has an army of fans. “I am concerned about how each comic works, but that happened to me before I created Pixie and Brutus as well. I always want to do better. Now I’m in the process of getting Pixie and Brutus plushies, I don’t know when they’ll be ready, but I’m very excited about their release. ”

Recently Ben has been a full-time illustrator. “I see much less the sun, hahaha. When I was working in construction I was always outside, and now I spend my day in my office in the dark with the windows covered so there are no reflections on the screen. Just kidding… well, it’s true, but I don’t want it to sound like you’re sorry you changed jobs, because you don’t. I love illustration and I am grateful and fortunate to be paid for it. ”

Pixie is a tiny, happy, and energetic kitten, an innocent ball of fur who does not realize the danger around him. On the other hand, Brutus is a huge, scarred German Shepherd. Pixie’s owner adopted him after Brutus retired from his military aid job. It is the opposite of Pixie. “He’s very serious and intimidating, but he has a soft spot for Pixie and does what he can to protect him from the harsh reality of the world around them.”

This is Fan art…..

Images credits: Tom_Echo2




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