That Comic Means We Are All Monster inside? (ACCEPT WHO WE ARE iNSiDE)

We all have our monster inside us no matter how ugly it is, no matter how inappropriate it to see there’s still one person or few people will understand and accept your flaws. We do not look for perfection we look for someone who can accept us as a person.It’s true that only after marriage, you’ll finally be able to see and know the true person you’re married to.. lucky are those who accepts but divorce awaits the others, or worst a living hell just for the sake of their children.People are just in love with the idea of a perfect partner, a fairy tale, someone who’ll complete them but they never thought about loving someone with just as much flaws as they themselves are.Everyone, including myself should learn how to love a real human being, not just the idea of love albeit rather imperfect,


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I think this is wrong. Yes, “accept each other who you are inside.” But the acceptance should happen before marriage. If they had secrets before marriage and did not tell each other, it just shows that their relationship is not built on trust. Better message: Being normal and concealing your weirdness leads to love and happiness. They hate themselves, that’s why they always wear human bodies. Not if monsters are coming out that due to not knowing the inside there’s a horrible union!!! You need to date and hope and pray that the inside what’s hiding doesn’t have any evil once married! So many cases these days! People marrying and not knowing who they marry! Rushing, online dating, dating short time. You can date a year and still not know the inside of a person until the inner comes to show it’s true identity. Scary!!

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