The Artist “Ben Hed” Continues To Make Adorable Comics About Animals. (4 New Comics)

Pixie and Brutus have accomplished some of the most popular pet toys online, and you can see why. Developed by Ben Hed, the comic book follows the lives of two friends, a cute kitten, and a scary dog that you will never want to miss. And while it may seem like a different relationship at first, it’s what makes them do something more fun. Today Ben Pet Foolery’s Instagram page has 2.4 million people who daily come to enjoy animals with pictures. Ben recently started his other career in which he reproduced and painted animals from infectious diseases online. The artist himself has three dogs and two cats, so he never commented. He also said he would have to stay around 5 to 6 hours, on average, to complete a release and he dreamed of turning Pixie and Brutus into a TV show. Ben Hed, who told us in an interview that not much has changed since Ben started the series. I updated them a bit and started mixing a few comics with the original Pixie, but otherwise, it’s just as good as the old Pixie and Brutus.

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#1 Ben Said, I DON’T CARE if I’m more likely to die by a lightning strike, I REFUSE to swim in the ocean. I will only swim in the freshwater lakes here in Minnesota were the scariest things in the water are snapping turtles!


#3 I forgot how much bigger she is and how fortunate enough he is for her to deem him worthy of patience and tolerance for some unknown reason

#4 Anything for the gains


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