The boy left the puppy with a sad note at the school door

Many children want a puppy, but few realize the responsibility for the one they have tamed. One boy left his puppy in a box at the school door with a very sad note.


A little boy left this toddler in a box at the door of a school in the United States. According to eyewitnesses, the student went inside, threw the box with the puppy at the entrance, quickly closed the door and ran into the street. The janitor saw the box first, and immediately noticed a sad note on it.

“This puppy did not have a home, and it was cold outside, and we brought him to you. Please find him a good home,” the note said. Although the boy wrote that he found the dog on the street, the janitor saw that he was well-groomed and domesticated – he would hardly have been left in this way if found on the street.


It turned out to be a girl. The janitor decided to hand the baby over to the teacher who loves animals very much, and the woman took the puppy to her for overexposure. The baby received the nickname Snowflake (from English – snowflake).

The woman soon contacted the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, which helped find owners for the baby. They were found quickly enough. Now Snowflake is truly happy – she is surrounded by the care of new owners, and she is loved with all her heart!


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