The Cartoonist “Chuck Ingwersen” Said “I Draw Comics with my heart and sometimes my hands” (30 Comics)

What do you need to get through this long Monday at work? These artwork uploaded illustrations are perfect for you! The artist, also known as Gregor Tchaikovsky, creates amusing and amusing cartoons covering a wide variety of situations, from the job search process to a real rat looking for cheese. All comics are fun, easy to read, and should make you smile! Don’t forget to scroll to watch and vote


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#1 Fun Fact: People who wear their pants up to their nipples are scoffed at by people who wear their pants up to their forehead. It’s a form of high-pants-wearing elitism that threatens to collapse the entire high-pants-wearing industry.

#2 Snow, snow go away.


#3 For those of us dealing with the Polar Vortex and the Snowpocalypse, it’s good to know that sunshine and an ocean view don’t guarantee contentment.

#4 There’s a lot of confusion in the Animal Kingdom.

#5 And that’s a wrap for Christmas cartoons. Hope your day is merry.


#6 When a horse, a rabbi, and a duck walk into a bar, people are gonna make jokes. But if they walk in separately, no one will give them a second thought.

#7 When it comes to COVID-19, Medusa is in the high-risk category (she’s elderly and her snakes are not socially distanced). It’s no wonder she takes precautions such as masking so seriously. Side note: It takes her over three hours to get all those wiggly snakes masked up.

#8 They then agreed that their podcast should be a true crime podcast, delving into such hideous crimes as late feeding times, inadequate belly rubs and the over-booping of snoots.


#9 Oops. Not a squirrel.

#10 We ask an awful lot of our pets: Be loyal. Be loving. Be adorable.
Don’t be pooping on the carpet.



























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