The kitten looked sadly at people passing by

This black lump of love once roamed the streets and collected scraps, but good people saved him.┬áBut in the orphanage, the baby huddled in the corner of the cage and looked sadly at people – he really wanted to find someone who would love him with all his heart ..


A small black furry spotted on the streets of San Jose, USA. He looked around people with his sad eyes, and really needed love. Fortunately, people noticed him and took him to the shelter.

So the kid ended up at the Mini Cat Town orphanage. He was only six weeks old, but terribly skinny. The kitten was immediately sent for overexposure, and a volunteer named Tram happily accepted him.


The kid was given the nickname Tiny Tim (from English – little Tim) because of the miniature size. With all this, the kitten turned out to be an amazing character. He was incredibly gentle, affectionate and very grateful.

The guardian fed the kitten by the hour and looked after him. It soon bore fruit – Tim began to actively gain weight, gain weight, and noticeably revived. He had many times more energy, which he spent on games and running around the house.

The curious little ball explored everything around and loved to play. And also – Tim got along well with other overexposed cats, and a domestic guardian dog.


When the baby was old enough, they began to look for a family for him. We didn’t have to wait long – one family with children and three cats drew attention to him. Later they decided to take Tim with them forever.

Now Tim has a family and cannot hide his joy. Every day he asks both the owners for affection and a loud little bitch, showing how grateful he is to salvation. Thanks to the kind people who helped him

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