These 20 Bizarro Comics That Will Brighten Your Day And Make Your Mood Better

Bizarro, painted by artist Dan, is a single-panel animated film that has been released since 1985. And has been published in more than 360 newspapers and magazines. One of the old-school cartoonists, Piraro, turned into an online comic book – a completely different game in which the competition is fierce, and most artists try to earn even an elementary life with their crafts. Piraro is a prolific artist who strives to create a new comic every day, 365 days a year. Living somewhere in Mexico with his beloved wife (whom he calls “olive oil”), his approach to the absurdity and meaninglessness of modern life is designed to make you think and laugh as well. According to his biography, his gems in one panel are a unique combination of surreal images, social commentary, and witty words. Indeed, if Salvador Dali, Harry Trudeau, and Oscar Wilde had an illegitimate child, that child would be Dan Piraro.


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#1 I like what Wayno did with the Inverted Bird in this one.

#2 I wish I’d gone with the T-shirt idea. I’m still trying to remove an ill-advised tattoo via laser.


#3 If the Cat Reaper comes for you, quick and merciful aren’t going to be among the options

#4 Once he tries the dynamite candy canes, it’s all over

#5 I often cannot remember which bedroom is mine so I depend on my memory foam mattress to call my name as I pass by.


#6 My old dog was a Boston… he died

#7 It’s going to pair well with that sidewalk pie.

#8 Thought she was in therapy for a sec


#9 This says so much about our society
















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