These 20 “Pickles Family” Comics Will Make Your Day Better (Comics By BRIAN CRANE)

Meet the Pickles Family, “Earl Pickles” Earl is a pensioner with too much free time. His main hobby is teaching his grandson important things, for example, the best way to find what you have lost is to buy another and drive his wife Opal crazy. He’s a bum, a curmudgeon, and all sorts of nonsense in the house. On the outside, he seems a little rude, but on the inside, he is a real grumble. “Opal Pickles” Opal is a typical grandmother. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, Red Hat Lady, and a feline maid. She loves Earl, but don’t ask her to choose between Earl and Muffin. The only grandson of “Nelson” Earle and Opal, he is the apple of their eyes, the joy of their old age, and a raider on their cookie jar. He likes to stay with them because they have the same sleep times as him.


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‘Muffin” Some describe her as somewhat morose, but she tries to maintain a sense of superiority while still begging for her Meow mix. “Sylvia” Pickle’s daughter is a divorced, working mother. Her main goal is to raise Nelson’s son without turning into a mother.





“Dan” Dan, a wildlife photographer, wished and won Sylvia’s hand in marriage. If life with Sylvia and Nelson were meat and potatoes, life with Earl and Opal would be a snack for relatives … mixed nuts. Pearl is Opal’s devoted sister, although she thinks Opal could have done better in the marriage department.




















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