These 22 Hilarious Comics Will Fill Your Day With Happiness And Make it Great

moderately Confused offers an unusually calm and witty look at everyday life, technology, and politics. We all know that humor is no worse than old people! That’s why we decided to put together a huge collection of 50 funny comics and cartoons about growing up, which is close to home, but not yet completed! People of all ages and cultures respond to humor. Most people are capable of having a sense of humor – be it funny, laughing, or laughing at something funny (like a joke or a joke) – so they are considered to have a sense of humor. A hypothetical person who lacks a sense of humor is likely to find the behavior that motivates him to be unstable, strange, or even reckless..


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#1 Beats finding a gas station and standing in line to fill up. A bigger waste of time than letting your car charge itself while it is parked. Besides, the car’s apps show where the charging points are.

#2 Heck, I can remember when there was nothing to watch on just three channels.


#3 I was ripped off, no dressing. I was given a lolly on a stick though, I’m 77.

#4 I might be able to do that if I didn’t continually drink fluids until the moment I go to bed.

#5 Or, alternatively, just get bent.


#6 That’s why they have voice mail pop. Delete, Delete, Delete.

#7 Looks more like a “bent over” desk.

#8 Big Brother is watching you.


#9 There is nothing that can long remain “free of charge”.

#10 The introvert’s new dilemma. The mask will never be enough separation.

#11 I could write a tune about how many times I forgot my mask.


#12 I’m retired. I do that all the time.




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