These 25 Hilarious Comics Will Make Your Day Great And Bring a Smile on Your Face

My Spectickles design has evolved over time. It didn’t start with a specific mission, as a series, because I had a stupid idea traveling in my head as Grand Central Station at night in Dolbeer. There were quite a few, indeed, and not necessarily all cartoonists. Jim Unger, Charles Schulz, and Mike Peters from the comic book pages and Mort Gerberg, Mischa Richter, Charles Saxon, and Robert Weber from the New Yorker. Just amazingly brilliant. I find H. L. Mencken and Mark Twain’s writings really inspiring and very, very funny – if you haven’t read “Innocents Abroad”, you’ve missed something extraordinarily humorous.As a cartoonist, there is nothing more enjoyable for me than seeing someone giggling or laughing at my work, and then feeling compelled to share it with someone else. It is an amazing feeling that will never grow old. Professionally, I’m amazed that I’ve come this far, to be honest


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It’s a matter of taste and personal point of view, but for me, I give my grandmother the whole test. My grandmother was a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor. She had a specific set of values that were permeated in our family and guided our behavior and conduct. If I didn’t show Grandma the cartoon, it wouldn’t be drawn. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s for me and the people who follow my work.
























I always wanted to do more illustration work. I never tire of flipping through books full of the art of Arthur Rackham, Charles Dana Gibson, and others in the Golden Age of illustration. It may be somewhat anachronistic and have very few outlets on the market, but this is the kind of work I would really like to spend time developing and practicing. I have been playing the guitar for many years and I am learning something classical, although the quality of my singing is enough to scare children and small dogs.

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