These 30 Extremely Funny Comics Will fill Your Day With Happiness And Make it Wonderful

moderately Confused offers an unusually calm and witty look at everyday life, technology, and politics. We all know that humor is no worse than old people! That’s why we decided to put together a huge collection of 50 funny comics and cartoons about growing up, which is close to home, but not yet completed! People of all ages and cultures respond to humor. Most people are capable of having a sense of humor – be it funny, laughing, or laughing at something funny (like a joke or a joke) – so they are considered to have a sense of humor. A hypothetical person who lacks a sense of humor is likely to find the behavior that motivates him to be unstable, strange, or even reckless.


Art By moderately

#1 Everything comes from human things.

#2 Sounds like the vendors on Amazon. Hey, if I have a problem I’ll let you know otherwise I’m good so stop begging.


#3 Depending on the direction you are going, A Brit might use the word ‘fancy.’

#4 I do have a mug collection from just about every company I’ve ever worked for, but more importantly, for every military unit I’ve been a member of! I even have one commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Air Force!

#5 I hear they already are coming back. I prefer them.


#6 Moderately cushy.

#7 Having spent time sitting in front of a campfire for three nights this week in the North Maine Woods, I concur.

#8 Basically, it’s due to the fact that most “baby foods” appear to have absolutely no flavor so there is no benefit in swallowing the food rather than spitting it in Mommy’s face and at least getting a facial reaction of some sort! Of course, I am basing the “no flavor” statement on the premise that the baby is “human” and actually has functioning taste buds – that premise has NEVER been proven!




























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