These 30 Hilarious And Funny Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor

Talking cows, not-so-smart kids, and a myriad of flora and fauna appear in Lee Rubin’s original witty cartoonish panel Rubies. Rubin’s funny characters and absurd view of the world made Rubin a favorite of readers all over the world.

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#1 there are plenty of virgins out there… they are mostly male, nerdish, and living in their mom’s basement, playing video games, and going to ComicCon

#2 US toilets must be different from UK ones. Ours don’t go round.

#3 With a spout like that I’m not sure if I should expect a wail or a whale.

#4 no a possum would not be good at thumbing for a ride.

#5 Well, at least Rubin got the sex right! It’s the lionesses that do the hunting.


#7 They should flip him over. That side looks done.

#8 Someone almost always gets hurt in this strip. 90% of the time.

#9 Does that mean they are both nude at this moment? Or are those store-bought scales they are wearing?

#10 We shouldn’t be too ashamed of crude humor. It’s probably the oldest kind and therefore deep in our DNA.

#11 Just turn around and go out the door.

Spent the night on an old battleship (USS Massachusetts) and got the bottom bunk (of 4). The guy on the bunk directly above me must’ve weighed 300 pounds. When I went to bed nobody was there. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t move. Those bunks were only metal tubing with canvass stretched across them, and this guy’s canvass had sunk so low that it was maybe one inch from my face. Tried to wake the guy, but he was sawing logs and wouldn’t budge. Kept praying that canvass would hold…


















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