These 30 Hilarious Comics Will Make Your Day Better And Improve Your Mood

The Argyle Sweater offers a surreal, fun (and sometimes playful) perspective on the world you think you know. Armed with a keen interest in exploring every corner of Surrealism, Scott Hilburn’s production reveals his unique practices of history, everyday life, and myth. Painted by the famous comic artist The Argyle Sweater, commonly known as The Argyle Sweater Cartoons are sad, mean, ironic, but funny. Argyle comics have some fun themes. Especially those who need to be distinguished make fun of the groups and themselves. There is already a lot of hatred in this world. The artist has Facebook. Create an account and your fans will be up to date with new funny cartoons. the effort of the year finally paid off with the acquisition of 49,000 Facebook followers. The number is still being counted.


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#1 He is certainly way ahead of his time to be a Chippendale.

#2 One for my favorites for sure!


#3 I have often wondered whether to serve red or white wine with worms.

#4 “The peasants are revolting!”You can say that again…

#5 I like how the land shark in the background is completely superfluous to the punchline. Scott must have sensed that he had to add a visual gag to sell it.


#6 On the other hand, it means no weight limit for fish and screw the limit.

#7 The family will have to factor in more work and expense. But it’s all four one and one four all.

#8 They must be with the CSI (Culinary Scene Investigations)


#9 Jimmy started early down the path of drug abuse. First, he was popping m&m pills.Now he has moved on to snorting Catcaine.


























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