These 30 Hilarious WebComics Will Make Your Day Great And Cheer Up 100%

Randy Glasbergen created Thin Lines in 2007 to add fun to the health and fitness pages of his daily and weekly newspapers. Today, Thin Lines cartoons are used in magazines, textbooks, greeting cards, calendars, gifts, newsletters, Powerpoint presentations, and medical journals around the world. You may have seen several Thin Lines cartoons on a notice board in a doctor’s office, health club, or fitness center.


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#1 Or take a shower once a day!

#2 Hopefully, it’s sugarless.


#3 But then he’ll have to get charged.

#4 picky, picky, picky



#6 Because stretch marks aren’t vertical…they go all over the place.

#7 Yup, it’s all a matter of turning a phrase.

#8 We lived dangerously back then—-and didn’t even know it!



#10 well that is one way to get exercise



#12 The one in my neighborhood drives pretty slow. Pretty hard to sell ice cream to kids at 60 MPH.

#13 And I will walk in the opposite direction!

#14 How much stuff can you add to a salad and still call it a salad?


#15 Checking now!

#16 I pretty much had the same experience that time I did a sit-up.

#17 Nothing enjoyable about diabetes, hypertension, obesity or cholesterol. High protein, low carb very good.

#18 Now it’s rabbit food.


#19 Now you just have to climb up and down the food pyramid steps.



#21 This cartoon was inspired by a conversation with my son who was in college studying food management at the time.


#23 that’s true people lose money and cannot afford to eat.

#24 Probably loses a lot of weight – can’t eat

#25 New meaning of ‘hot’.


#27 In my case it’s more like 100 pounds



#30 5 pounds in one week is quite an accomplishment.

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