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If you think your neighbors are weird, wait until you meet wacky Ballard Street residents. Jerry Van Amerongen’s stripe is a single-pane vignette about the area. From synced cell phone users to pet schemes, Ballard Street’s inventive scenarios and hilarious illustrations will make you pay a little more attention to your neighbors.


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#1 Never hurts to stay hydrated. You never know when Ballard Street might turn into a vast Saharan desert.

#2 Well, if Stanley didn’t keep trying to build pillow forts with them, Gertrude wouldn’t take them away once again.


#3 On the one hand, Neal may feel better and Skippy is happier. On the other hand, the porch railing needs attention.

#4 Let’s just hope the Excavator’s Club doesn’t have another run-in with the Pulley Club.

#5 Some of these stories are monumental and heavy. Have you got something lighter but still gritty?


#6 Looks like he is flipping out.

#7 “It all makes sense now.” thought Fernando. ” I figured she was talking figuratively when she said we have to make sacrifices.”

#8 His wife warned him the Snarnsworths left their bathroom blinds open again, but he didn’t listen.


#9 Well, it’s a start…

#10 Mrs. Spivey may just kick Mr. Spivey in the bass…

#11 Happy Thanksgiving to all the denizens of Ballard Street.


#12 Good thing that it’s not a couple of ferrets.Charming little rugrats, but I would not want them in my pants. He seems too calm about having a cat in there.

#13 Unfortunately for the mailman and the folks strolling down the avenue, (not to be confused with Ballard Lane ) Marcus had invented a new pastime sport. He was elated when he scored a 65.233 on his first attempt at playing and thought he might have a chance at excelling. Although he knew he would get something just for participating.




























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