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How do you react when you are in the corner? Talk about your exit, prepare for battle, or insist that you are good and great? Mike Baldwin’s characters in The Corner capture the full spectrum of these reactions – they go out of their way to be taken seriously. From dark to light to blind to shiny, the results are exciting, entertaining, or even confusing, but the risk is well worth the risk. No one has ever lost an eye-reading Corner (except for one reader who came close to WAAAY – you know who you are). After all, discovering an awkward truth means “angularity” that frees you up.


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Mike Baldwin, creator of Cornered, man on a mission. The cartoonist is committed to making cartoons appear not only on the pages of comics in newspapers. He wants readers to laugh while looking at the front page to counteract dark news headlines. Mike Baldwin’s plan is working. Cornered is a good morning giggle on the front pages of many newspapers. The one-panel comic strip is specially designed to meet the editor’s need for quick humor in a small space. Placed in these small and quirky places, Cornered displays a shred of color in a sea of ​​black and white words.




































The characters in Cornered are reminiscent of those in Herman by Jim Unger. They have large and stocky bodies that tend to expand towards the floor. Baldwin uses various characters to poke fun at everyday events that nearly all readers can relate to. For example, a panel dated December 10, 2001, depicts a large character wearing a robe looking in a mirror

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