These Top 3 ‘Pet-Foolery’ Comics Will Make Your Day Brighten Up

Some people love dogs, others love cats more. But we also mostly like dogs and cats in the same recipes. And we’re lucky because there are some funny and cute stories out there pulled by a talented artist who enjoys all the beautifully decorated animals. Artist Ben Hed, the mastermind behind the webcomics ‘Pet Foolery,’ has created some of the most amazing cartoons, detailing the mis (mis) of Pixie being the cute little boy and Brutus the German war hero. Ben’s comic ‘Pet Foolery’ is an online reality. Over 2.5 million people (that’s right!) Follow Pixie and Brutus ’stories on Instagram! Also, more than 15k people support the artist at Patreon. It’s like once I took a photo on Instagram as a side job for some extra money, but suddenly I have over a million followers, and photos become my permanent job!  Ben wrote on his Patreon page about his rise to fame. In another interview, Ben elaborated on his expectations for his comics: I really care about the performance of each comic, but I was worried about that before I created Pixie and Brutus.

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#1 Pixie has a much more big brain than I thought

#2 Collab comic with ( @thedailytut ! ) The Best Boy

#3 This trophy to the first person to name what species of snake that is!

To be honest, Pixie and Brutus is another funny cartoon I had while I was working. I never planned on scheduling them; I just think it’s a fun idea to introduce a cute little girl to a scary fighting dog. And so I made the first jokes about the cute animal’s Pixie and Brutus, and people liked it so much that I just kept making them, Ben explained the beginning of a friendly duo of cats and dogs.


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