These Very Funny Comics Will fill Your Day With Happiness And Make it More Wonderful

moderately confused offers an unusually calm and witty view of everyday life, technology and politics. We all know that humor is no worse than old people! So we decided to put together a huge collection of 22 funny comics and cartoons about growing up that is close to home but not over yet! People of all ages and cultures respond to humor. Most people are capable of having a sense of humor – be it funny, laughing or laughing at something funny (like a joke or a joke) – so they are considered to have a sense of humor. A hypothetical person who has no sense of humor is more likely to find behavior that motivates him to be unstable, strange, or even reckless.


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#1 Better than being on the game.

#2 Unless things change, he can go to college and still be a Starbucks barista.


#3 To fly below the radar, stay out of the cloud.


























Jokes with dark humor include topics that are usually considered taboo or difficult to discuss, but often involve a bit of irony. The most popular examples are the works of Shakespeare himself, who often saw tragic moments from the light side or the famous works of the British comedian Monty Python. Our brains have to work hard to understand the irony – sarcastic messages load our skulls with twice the processing power of normal language forms. So, understanding this basically means that your brain is more adept at solving creative problems. However, if you use it too often, other people may confuse your dark sense of humor with that of sociopaths.

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